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Nicholson McLaren

Lycoming Engines

Lycoming Engines

Lycoming EngineWe have a modern engine Build shop that is able to offer the highest level of engine overhaul (zero hour), or shockload inspection and overspeed inspections.

We can carry out overhauls shockload inspections and overspeed inspections on Textron Lycoming normally aspirated and Turbo engines, direct drive, geared including Left and Right hand rotation engines.

All our overhauled engines come with all the mandatory parts as per the latest revision Lycoming SB240 plus all the new, rebuilt or overhauled components listed below as standard.

  • Magnetos x 2 (New Slicks or Overhauled Bendix)
  • Ignition Harness (New)
  • Lycoming Cylinder kits (New)
  • Tappet Bodies (New)
  • Camshaft Assembly (New)
  • Hydraulic Plungers (New)
  • Starter Motor (New)
  • Ring Gear (New)
  • Fuel Servo (Rebuilt)
  • Flow Divider (Rebuilt)
  • Nozzles (Overhauled)
  • Fuel Pump (AC Type=New) or (Rotary Type=Rebuilt)
  • Fuel Pump Plunger (New)
  • Connecting Rod Nuts and Bolts (New)
  • Crankshaft Gear (New)
  • Crankshaft Bearings (New)
  • Connecting Rod Bearings (New)
  • Gasket set (New)
  • Induction and drain hoses (New)
  • Spark Plugs (New)

 We offer cost effective prices and quick turnaround times.

All our engines are released with a full engine test on our state of the art Dynamometer test bench.

We pride ourselves on first class preparation, build and our after sales assistance should you require it.

All components are overhauled and tested in house to allow us full control over our quality and timescales.

 If you do decide to send the engine to Nicholson McLaren Aviation we will supply you weekly emails and photographs to update you of the progress of your engine. We also operate an open door policy for our customers so we are more than happy for you come and view your engine whilst it is at our facility.

 If the thought of down time is a worrying fact for you then we have a solution we have a large range of Teledyne Continental and Textron Lycoming exchange engines ready for you so in theory you could have your engine removed and the new one installed straight away giving you minimal AOG times.

At Nicholson McLaren Aviation every engine goes through our strict procedures and process to ensure only a 100% quality engine is released.


Engine overhaul procedures

Engine Receiving (GRN)

1. Engine is booked into the system and a complete 54 Page work pack is created recording Engine model, Spec and Serial Number, overhaul Manual and parts catalog to be used stating the latest and most up to date revision to be used.

2. Engine will be photographed to make note of fittings and any extra or unusual items supplied and an inventory taken of accessories including part numbers and serial numbers.

Engine Disassembly

1. Engine is thoroughly disassembled with all parts remaining together and stored on a dedicated engine Trolley

2. As the engine is being striped we record any further Part Numbers and serial numbers from components like Crankshaft and Crankcase.

3. During disassembly a written report is made noting any wear and tear.

Parts Removal

1. Any components to be Rebuilt or Overhauled are removed and sent to the relevant work stations with a Sub project being raised stating work to be under gone and tracing the component back to the main work project.

Engine Cleaning

1. All Parts will be cleaned and washed in accordance with the overhaul manual.

2. All oil galley plugs, caps and tubes are removed and any sludge build up is removed.

Non Destructive testing Process

1. All steel (Ferrous) parts are checked for cracks and flaws using Magnetic particle Inspection in our D1 in-house NDT facility.

2. All Aluminum (Non- Ferrous) parts are checked for cracks and flaws using Dye penetrant Inspection in our D1 in-house NDT facility.

Inspection Process

1. All gears except crankshaft gear (NMA 100% replacement part), castings, and housings are to be dimensional inspected IAW overhaul manual

2. Rocker arms will be dimensional inspected and new bushings installed.

3. Connecting rods will be dimensional inspected for bore, alignment, twist and bow then Re-bushed and bored to new part limits.

4. Crankshafts will be dimensional inspected and new Counterweight bushings installed if applicable. All Journals will be micro-polished.

5. Counterweights will be dimensional inspected and new bushings installed if applicable

6. Crankcase will be dimensional inspected. All machine services and oil galleys cleaned and pressure tested all studs torque checked and replaced as required.

7. A complete check of applicable Airworthiness Directives (AD’s) and service Bulletins.

New Part Requirement

1. A complete spares list will be produced including 100% replacement parts IAW the latest revision of Lycoming SB240 and NMA’s standard overhaul parts as listed above

Engine pre Build Process

1. All Hardware to Cadmium Plated to protect against corrosion

2. All Aluminum parts to be Alodined to protect against corrosion

3. All components to be painted mask individually and painted.

4. All new parts to be booked through our stores process given each part its own traceable Batch Number. Whilst the part is being booked in all traceable information from supplier and incoming 8130 or release certificate is register for full traceability both ways.

Engine Build Process

1. During build Process the clearances, torque values and torque wrench are all noted in work pack as specified by the latest revision of the overhaul manual.

2. All Work will be performed IAW the latest revision of the overhaul manual.

3. The chief inspector will dual inspect and sign off all critical measurements, torques and processes.

4. The engine will be built and brought up to the latest specification IAW the technical data, Airworthiness directives and Service bulletins.

Engine Testing

1. Once the engine is complete the engine will have a full and stringent engine test in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions on our purpose built Dynamometer.

2. All test results are recorded and a full print out is available upon request.

3. Engine will have a final inspection and re-torque. The engine will them be packed and photographed ready for dispatch back to the customer.

Final Paperwork

1. An EASA FORM 1 with log book entry or FAA release to service as required will be raised and issued for the engine and all components rebuilt or overhauled in-house.

2. A Warranty certificate will be raised

Please see Nicholson Mclaren Aviation’s warranty terms and conditions.


If you would like more information about our overhaul procedures or to discuss work you would like carried out, please do not hesitate to contact us.